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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Things to Worry About

A Swedish researcher warned that if we don't stop breeding dogs just for cuteness, some species'll [CORRECTION: breeds'll] wind up being dumber than turkeys. Daily Telegraph (London)

On the other hand, a Univ. of Rhode Island researcher said that business is booming at the Mediterranean fishery located at the mouth of the Nile River, attributable to all the nutrients in the water from sewage and fertilizer runoff. URI press release

Recurring Theme: Once again, in Tamil Nadu, India, villagers got together and, to stay free of disease, prophylactically married off two of their daughters (each age 7) to, er, frogs. The Times of India

A Los Angeles Times report says more than 200 airline passengers have now been charged with Patriot Act-terrorism just for ordinary, non-terroristic obnoxiousness that was prosecuted just fine under federal law before the Patriot Act came along. Los Angeles Times

Australian novelist Harry Nicolaides was sentenced to three yrs in prison in Thailand for insulting one of the country's crown princes. (Bonus: He did it in a novel that sold 7 copies.) BBC News

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Your Daily Loser
Travis Bennett, 30, was arrested for the burglary of a pharmacy in Orem, Utah, where "hundreds" of OxyContins were stolen. Bennett was found later near the store, passed out, having apparently gobbled down a few as he was fleeing and wiping himself out on the run. KSL-TV (Salt Lake City)
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People Whose Sex Lives Are Worse Than Yours
Police say that Alvin Meyer, 63, went to ManorCare nursing home to visit his invalid-wife and while there decided to get some strange by feeling up another invalid. Cincinnati Enquirer
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Today's Newsrangers: Justin Warner, Hal Dunham, Kurt Knochel
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