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Editor's Note
If you're an editor anywhere in America, and ya put the word "wedgie" in a headline, you're gonna get traffic. So here's that story. I wish it were more interesting, but ultimately it's just a story with a "wedgie" reference. Associated Press via Yahoo
     Posted By: Chuck - Wed Feb 18, 2009

I'm waiting to read a story about someone catching a criminal using the "wet willy" maneuver. That would be weird news worthy.
Posted by Matt in Florida on 02/18/09 at 10:06 AM
How about a purple nurple?
Posted by Jules in Connecticut on 02/18/09 at 10:29 AM
This is the greatest thing I have read in a LONG time!!!!!!!
Posted by AGFH on 02/18/09 at 10:38 AM
Cudos to Yvonne!
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 02/18/09 at 10:47 AM
Yvonne is awesome!
Posted by kingmonkey in Athens, Ontario on 02/18/09 at 11:11 AM
She should have given him a swirly just to top it off before putting him in a locker. :lol:
Posted by DownCrisis on 02/18/09 at 11:13 AM
I think she road my school bus!
Posted by Viceman48 on 02/18/09 at 11:54 AM
Posted by Viceman48 on 02/18/09 at 11:54 AM
Lucky for Yvonne that the guy was wearing underwear.
Posted by Madd Maxx on 02/18/09 at 12:15 PM
you all are gonna kill me but i just gotta say...
why is this acceptable but holding an illegal alien who vandalised ones property till police arrive is not? i mean she physically assulted this guy and she is not law enforcement nor was the property he stole her's. i'm just sayin'...

actually this is hillarious.
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 02/18/09 at 09:39 PM
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