Wine on Tap, version 2.0

We've previously we've posted about wine on tap in hotel rooms. Such as the Hotel Terminus in France, which in 1953 ran pipes through the walls to achieve this.

There's now a more high-tech alternative. The Plum Dispenser is a $1500 gadget that stores several bottles of wine, but dispenses a glass at a time — allowing hotel guests to buy a single glass in their room rather than a whole bottle. It's basically wine on tap. Though the prices aren't cheap:

At La Confidante, the Plum in every room dispenses Evesham Wood pinot noir from Oregon ($5.25 for a 2-ounce glass; 5 oz. for $16) and Justin sauvignon blanc ($4, $12) from Paso Robles.

$16 for 5 ounces of wine? You could go to a local supermarket and buy an entire bottle for that.

More info: North Bay Business

The Evening Sun (Hanover, Pennsylvania) - Jan 7, 1954

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This item solves that problem without the $1500 damage:
Posted by Virtual on 03/12/18 at 09:33 AM
Three 2-oz glasses cost the same as one 5-oz glass?
Posted by RobK on 03/12/18 at 10:50 AM
Of course, RobK. It's always cheaper to buy in bulk, whether it's mayonaise or wine. (I'm single but do a lot of shopping at Sam's and Costco.)
Posted by KDP on 03/14/18 at 03:34 PM
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