Wood comes back into style

The latest fashions were on display recently at the Topman Design's autumn/winter show in London, and I for one am eager to start sporting the look below. It consists of what looks like a cream-colored cotton sweatshirt to which planks of wood have somehow been attached. I suppose the logic is that if you get cold during winter, you can simply detach one of the pieces of wood and build yourself a fire to stay warm. (via metro.co.uk)

Or perhaps the designer had in mind those wooden bathing suits from the 1930s but got confused and produced something slightly less functional.

     Posted By: Alex - Fri Jan 11, 2013
     Category: Fashion

Whiskey tango foxtrot, question mark.

I always thought that the idea of a fashion show was to get people to buy your line of clothing.

Who in their right mind would ever wear something like that and where?
Posted by Rev in Midwest Hell on 01/11/13 at 10:42 AM
Did "planking" loose something in the translation?

... or ...

This fashion statement isn't going to raise much wood with buyers.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 01/11/13 at 12:15 PM
Haute Fashion Designer - an oxymoron.

Captain Obvious says: Never overestimate the intelligence of anyone involved with high fashion.

A suit for the ugliest girl on the block.

That's all I have for now.
Posted by KDP in Madill, OK on 01/11/13 at 12:30 PM
Trying to atract beaver? cool hmm
Posted by Tyrusguy on 01/11/13 at 01:12 PM
I'll admit, Ty, that the more wood you're sporting the better your chances of snagging some beaver but this is still ridiculous!
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 01/11/13 at 03:22 PM
The only wearable items on view are the black shoes/white socks combo - always a classy look.
Posted by Harvey in Wales on 01/11/13 at 04:44 PM
Especially when wearing shorts and walking beach side on a Greek island.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 01/11/13 at 11:49 PM
Or black socks and sandals.
Sticks and stones may break my bones but boards will merely clothe me!
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 01/13/13 at 08:27 AM
It looks like t he zombies are breaking out of their coffins!
Mourning wood!
Posted by tadchem on 01/13/13 at 06:52 PM
'Mourning wood' LOL
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 01/13/13 at 08:26 PM
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