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More Things to Worry About on Wednesday
A savoir-faire Mexican brewery introduced Malverde beer, named after the country's patron saint of drug traffickers (the company's most recent failed quixotic label: Duff, named for you-know-what) . . . . . Inflation hits Cambodian rat meat (from the equivalent of 13¢/lb last yr to 57¢ this yr) (Bonus: Cambodia exports more than a ton of live rats to Vietnam every day) . . . . . If you see Frankie Lewis at your church's buffet table, and he asks for butter, give it to him ('cause, otherwise, he'll cut you up) [mug shot] . . . . . Thank goodness, Richard Trofatter Jr. might now get the help he needs for his "obsessive compulsive behavior surrounding baseball cards" [mug shot] . . . . . But don't worry any more about whether tongue-kissing a drunk person will drive up your Breathalyzer score; a police commander said it won't. Today's Newsrangers: Jessica McRorie, Wendy Palm, Tom Sullivan, Tom Steman, Paul Music, Robert Bierbricher
     Posted By: Chuck - Wed Aug 27, 2008

Who made him a saint? The Vatican? Do they support his patronage of ne'er-do-wells?
Posted by kingmonkey in Athens, Ontario on 08/27/08 at 10:46 AM
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