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Things to Worry About

Troy Brisport, 34, was charged with kidnaping and restraining a 22-yr-old woman for three days, but the only assaulting he did during that time was bombarding her with Bible verses. Toledo Blade

Can't stop himself: Arrested last year for doing immunizations, mammograms, and colonoscopies without a license, "Dr." Jack Readnour got out on bail, but now he's opened another "clinic" at the Holiday Inn Express (and it's an extra $10 if he provides transportation). WLWT-TV (Cincinnati)

A city council meeting in Sarasota, Fla., was the scene that Mr. Steve Lightfoot chose for releasing his bombshell information that John Lennon was actually murdered by, um, eerie-ol' Stephen King (who has a home near Sarasota), and not Mark David Chapman. WWSB-TV

Castle Hills, Tex. (near San Antonio) has just instituted a $55 fee for responding to 911 medical emergencies (but your first call a year is free!). KENS-TV (San Antonio)

Another day, another ridiculous wedding in India (boy, age 1½, to a dog, to keep kid from being eaten by a tiger because that's what happens to toddlers with out-of-place teeth coming in). Agence France-Presse via Yahoo

Readers' Choice: Man in China has wife and 5 squeezes. Economy sours. Needs to pink-slip 4 squeezes. Holds a contest (with independent judge). The 5 don't know what contest is for. Categories: beauty, talent, alcohol capacity. First-one-cut gets word, sets up the man and other 4 squeezes, driving everyone off a cliff. She dies, others merely injured. Plan exposed. Everyone dumps man (including wife). Ta-daaaa! CNN
     Posted By: Chuck - Wed Feb 18, 2009

Doc at the Holiday Inn: I know times are tough, but I'd rather go without medical treatment than trust a guy like that.

Stephen King: Of course! Why didn't I see it before?

Wedding in India: How is this helpful? Last I checked, tiger > dog.
Posted by Matt in Florida on 02/18/09 at 11:23 AM
Stephen King: I KNEW there was something extra creepy about him!

911 Calls: I expect to see a lot more of this soon. There is a place in Kentucky that charges you if you don't live in the county. It's a busy town and I-75 runs right through it. They have to be raking in the dough.
Posted by AGFH on 02/18/09 at 11:30 AM
Stephen King sold his soul to the devil at some point. That's the only explanation as to how he manages to write so much and so fast.
Posted by AGFH on 02/18/09 at 11:49 AM
Couldn't the man with the 5 women just have made up his own mind? Seriously? If he can't afford to support 5 women, but can afford to hold a contest with a judge...
Posted by kingmonkey in Athens, Ontario on 02/18/09 at 12:03 PM
911 charges: Its only a matter of time before they start charging $4 a minute to stay on the line.
Posted by Matt in Florida on 02/18/09 at 12:39 PM
The tigers carry out the dental exams without a license at the Holiday Inn.
Posted by Viceman48 on 02/18/09 at 12:44 PM
I think you can teach tigers dentistry kinda like teaching mountain lions to give abortions
Posted by Matt in Florida on 02/18/09 at 12:45 PM
LOL mrjazz. No, that general comment won't spark any responses at all.
Posted by Madd Maxx on 02/20/09 at 02:52 PM
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