Your Money Or Your Kid!

     Posted By: Paul - Sun Dec 27, 2020
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Wasn't there a story about a girl raised in a hospital because her parents couldn't pay for the delivery?
Posted by Phideaux on 12/27/20 at 04:12 PM
Good memory, Phideaux! It's "For Value Received" by Andy Offut.

From a reviewer:

"For Value Received" is a more obvious and more focused anti-authoritarian satire than, say, Messenger of Zhuvastou or My Lord Barbarian, though those sword-swinging adventures certainly have their share of anti-establishment elements. In this eight-page story a new father refuses to pay a hospital bill, and so he and his wife leave their newborn baby at the hospital and go home. The little girl grows up in the hospital, Mom and Dad coming to visit during visiting hours every day, taking her to school, etc. Rather than suggesting that this unusual upbringing will turn the child into a weirdo, Offutt indicates it has beneficial effects: "Mary Ann Barber, M. D., was graduated from medical school at the tender age of 23. Her Boards score set a new high."

Posted by Paul on 12/27/20 at 05:15 PM
Thanks, Paul!

Sadly, my memory isn't so good as to retain much of a story I read forty-eight years ago, but the quirkiness of it did stick. I always liked his writing. A great talent with a delightful twist of mind.
Posted by Phideaux on 12/27/20 at 10:44 PM
On a similar note 😊

Some years back I read a short story titled "The Worth of Karen Villars". It was in an anthology with other short stories. I seem to remember the story was dated in the 40's. The story line takes place in the future. Every person is assigned a monetary value at birth. You can add to your worth by working or otherwise contributing to society. The main character becomes trapped in a cavern. Rescue attempts are begun, but as time goes on the cost of the rescue begins to exceed her intrinsic value. She does get rescued at the last minute but only because...I don't want to give away the ending so have included information re the author.

The story, "The True Worth of Ruth Villiers" by Michael G. Coney, first appeared in New Writings in SF 17 in 1970, and has been in the anthology Science Fiction Stories since, and a collection of that author's work, Monitor Found in Orbit.
Posted by Steve E. on 12/28/20 at 01:19 PM
Steve E--Coney was a fine writer, almost forgotten today. I own that story collection of his, but have not read it yet. Thanks for the incentive!
Posted by Paul on 12/28/20 at 03:07 PM
You are more than welcome Paul. Trying to pay it forward for all of the great information I have read on this site
Posted by Steve E. on 12/28/20 at 05:37 PM
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