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The Armhole Odor Test

You may not have heard of Odo-Ro-No, but you've heard of the word it coined -- "B.O." It began using the term in 1919 in its ads for women's deodorant. Women were warned that if they had "B.O." they might never get a man.

Later Odo-Ro-No introduced the wonderfully off-putting concept of the "Armhole Odor Test" in its ads. This was the test:

When you take off your dress, smell the fabric at the armhole. Its stale "armhole odor" will make it clear to you at last why women of taste and refinement insist on a deodorant that checks perspiration and keeps the underarm dry, as well as sweet.

I've never seen Odo-Ro-No in a store, but apparently Walgreens still sells it.

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Posted By: Alex | Date: Sat Sep 13, 2008 | Number of Comments: 2 (view)
Category: Hygiene, Advertising
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