The Look-alike Fad, 1954

"Top campus style for both boys and girls this fall is reported to be charcoal gray flannel Bermuda shorts, pink man-tailored shirts, knee socks either in matching gray or a contrasting color, and the short storm coat originally designed for men, now adopted by girls.

Universal choice in shoes to go with this outfit is the loafer or moccasin, for both boys and girls.

So far the only deviation in this look-alike fad is that girls prefer their knee socks in vivid colors or Argyle patterns, while men stick to dark socks to match their sweaters, which may be bright red, green or any of a range of pastels now offered by alert manufacturers.

The dress-alike craze, of course, holds good only for casual daytime occasions. For dances and dates the girls go back to their petticoats and high hells, earrings and perfume, and look as feminine as any old-fashioned beau could desire."
~The Free Lance-Star — Aug 14, 1954

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Do the Peg Leg!

The "peg-leg" was a brief dance craze back in 1953. To do the peg leg, a man simply wore a wooden leg over his right leg as he danced with his partner. The dance was imported from the Dominican Republic where, so the story goes, a sailor with a wooden leg once was so seized by the rhythm of the merengue that "he stood up and took part in the dancing. The people loudly applauded and imitated the clumsy and awkward dancing of the seaman. This way a new dance came into existence." [Montreal Gazette, May 1953]

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Long-Distance Bed Pushing

Whatever happened to long-distance bed pushing? It was a craze that swept across colleges in 1961. Time magazine (Feb. 24, 1961) reported on it:

The latest caper in Canadian colleges is bed pushing. Born at the University of Rhodesia, and perfected—as was last year's college craze, phone-booth stacking —at South Africa's University of Natal, it spread over some sort of Commonwealth bush telegraph. Last week Canadian college students from Nova Scotia to British Columbia were indefatigably mounting beds on wheels and pushing them over highways, prairies and frozen lakes. The current world's record of 1,000 continuous miles is claimed by a team from Ontario's Queens University, which kept its Simmons rolling day and night for a week.

I found reports of students continuing to push beds long distances as late as 1979 when a new world record was set (1,980 miles by students from Pennsylvania's St. Vincent College who pushed a bed in laps around a shopping center). But then the fad seemed to fade away. At least, I haven't been able to find reports of more recent updates to the record.

The picture below shows students from Ontario Western University pushing a bed along a highway back in 1961.

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Keep On Trucking

It was back in 1970 that "trucking" became all the rage. The "Youthbeat" column in the Winnipeg Free Press (Oct 19, 1970) attempted to explain what the phenomenon was all about, and how it originated:

"Trucking," the expression for an exaggerated let-it-all-hang-out style of walking, is catching on.
The walk, which emphasizes a long forward step with the body tilted backward and the arms flapping in a Jackie Gleason and-away-we-go style, represent something similar to the Negro spirituals' "we shall overcome."
The walk says: "regardless how much we may be put down, we'll keep on trucking."
The expression originates in a blues song played by Duke Ellington in the 1930s. The lyrics say, "keep on trucking, truck your troubles away."
Kids say trucking around in school halls and outside makes you forget about frustrating classes.
The movement was popularized by the underground press. A cartoon strip which I believe originated in the Los Angeles Free Press and was printed locally about a year or so ago showed a grotesque person "trucking."

The cartoon the writer was referring to is, I believe, this one by R. Crumb:

And here's a page from a 1970 issue of The Student Life showing some young people trucking (via Pomona College's Photostream):

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1970s Youth Documentary

If the clothes and talk and scenes in this film do not send you on a magical mystery tour, your next hit of acid is free!

PS: that guy in the first few minutes with the WASP fro and beard-no-stache and glasses--I have pictures of myself looking exactly like that!

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Skating in the Streets

Was there anything that wasn't ruined by the hideous touch of disco? Here's Martha Reeves re-doing her classic "Dancing in the Streets" for the disco era.


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I’d Give My Panties for a Crippled Kid

1952 was the year that the panty raid craze hit campuses across America. One of the primary goals of the raids was to cause chaos and commotion (and grab panties, of course), but a few students at the University of Idaho decided to use the raids to achieve a greater social good. They conducted a "reverse" panty-raid. This involved showing up, "whoopin' and hollerin," in the middle of the night at a female dormitory, and then they auctioned off panties to the girls, instead of stealing panties from them. They donated all the proceeds of the auction to the Crippled Children's Fund. It was a nice gesture, but the slogan they chose for the event, "I'd Give My Panties for a Crippled Kid," probably wouldn't pass muster with the guardians of political correctness on campuses today.

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It’s Flashbeagle, Charlie Brown

Flashdancing and squaredancing?!? Most swiftly outmoded Charlie Brown special ever!

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Goldfish Swallowing

There's a site for every fetish, and if your fetish happens to be watching people swallow live goldfish, then check out From their site intro:

Welcome to
Our website offers hundreds of videos of beautiful girls and tight men swallowing whole, live goldfish, tetras, bettas, sharks, and other aquatic creatures. Other small items, like diamond rings, wedding bands, sockets, and pretty much anything else that can fit down a throat, can also be seen within our pages. With the largest swallowing archive anywhere on the Internet, you will definitely find what you're looking for, and we are certain you're going to love it!

They offer some more info in their FAQ:

Millions of people around the world enjoy Goldfish Swallowing, enough so that the swallowing of live creatures actually has its own scientific name (vorephilia). The resources dedicated to this passion are few and far between, and the ones that exist are somewhat sketchy. Goldfish Swallowing, the website, is a common, safe place for people to come together, talk about the activity, and watch videos of others gulping down live fish.

Their sample videos all are safe for work (unless, maybe, you work in an aquarium). Which is to say, that although the site may superficially resemble a porn site, that doesn't seem to be the case -- i.e. no nudity. It's just good-old, wholesome fish swallowing.

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New Meaning For Drop Dead Gorgeous

I don't keep up with fashion trends. If I can't go somewhere wearing elastic-waist pants and a baggy T-shirt, then I don't want to go. But I think I'm in the minority. Or maybe it has something to do with age. Younger folks often seem to be obsessed with their appearance and are even willing to put their lives at risk just to look "good". For example, the government of Thailand has issued a health warning that proclaims black leggings put people at risk of catching Dengue Fever. I realize that might sound a bit paranoid, but they have a compelling reason behind the warning: the mosquitoes that transmit the disease are attracted to black and can easily bite through the thin fabric used to make the leggings. You can read more here.

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