2500 Frames per Second = Awesome

Filmed at 25 frames per second, a piggy bank being chopped to bits by a lawnmower is wayyyy to quick. When you see 60,000 matches lit at 2,500 frames per second -- that's amazing!!

From a Danish show called Dumt and Farligt's (translation -- "Stupid and Dangerous"), here's the link:


Don't miss the matches at 3:30, followed by dynamite versus trees, followed by a watermelon versus 187 elastic bands.

At 25,000 frames per second!!

Sorry, I forgot the exploding camper at 3:00.
     Posted By: gdanea - Sat Mar 23, 2013
     Category: Explosives

pretty sure you mean 2,500 frames per second
Posted by GPL on 03/24/13 at 07:12 AM
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