7 Clicks (April 10, 2017)

7 Clicks
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April 10, 2017

The Texas legislature is about to choose a "state gun" (Bowie knife? Colt .45?). Current favorite: a cannon. [The Guardian]

Hawaii officials are freaking out over the Angiostrongylus cantonensis bacterium, but if prevention calls for you not to undercook your worms, problem seems easily avoided. [ABC News]

Business model of several companies in Kenya: they shrink-wrap cash into $1m blocks and parachute them to customers. [NY Times]

France's space program has 24 job openings to just lie around in bed for 2 months (earn €16k). Only catch: You can't get up. [The Guardian]

Cruel joke on the new coal-enraptured EPA administrator: The Kentucky Coal Mining Museum announced it was moving to solar power. [WYMT-TV]

Before there was Rachel Dolezal, some black Americans identified as Moorish--and therefore "sovereign citizens," which soon will not sit well with the crackers ruling sovereignhood. But here are two arrested in February. [al.com]

Yr Editor knows nothng about this (except that it distracts certain people who would likely be dangerous if left undistracted): A giant U.S. robot will square off against a giant Japanese robot in August, and they'll pound and saw and crush each other, and certain people will get really excited. (Better if they just Stooge-slapped each other, but . . ..) [Nerdist.com]

Thanks to Joe Littrell and Gary Goldberg.
     Posted By: Chuck - Mon Apr 10, 2017

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