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7 Clicks
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April 17, 2017

Sounds Like a Too-Easy Joke: Researchers in Germany, flummoxed by female patients bodies rejecting ovarian cancer medications, are trying . . as delivery vehicles . . umm . . sperm cells. [Phys.org]

Want! Now! If you have hopelessly noisy apartment neighbors, there's a simple device in China called a "building shaker" that will ruin . . their . . evening. Please, just take my money! [Shanghaiist]

Checked the wrong box on a U.S. visa application, signaling that, indeed, this 3-month-old UK baby has done "terrorist actvities, espionage, sabotage, or genocide"? Embassy officials took 10 hours out of his and his family's lives to get it resolved. (Plus, will baby Harvey Kenyon-Cairns forever be on the database?) [The Guardian]

As of this month, many streetside bars in India were forced to close because they weren't at least "500 meters" removed from a state or national highway. Not closing: the Aishwarya Bar in Kerala state, which built a serpentine maze between the street and its front door, requiring 520 meters' worth of stepping. [India Times]

A current NYC fight between a high-rise co-op and a higher-rise going up next door is getting ugly. One lady in the former whined that "several" of her Picassos "would be deprived of optimal lighting" by the new building. [NY Post]

Suspicion Confirmed: If you removed a "controversial" scholar's name from his carefully researched and reasoned work, and presented only the ideas themselves to focus groups divided by self-proclaimed ideologies, you might find that today's quick-trigger outrages are wa-a-a-ay overblown. Two Cornell professors did. [NY Times]

And Anna "facilitated communication" Stubblefield is back in court, demanding a new trial. She and only she knows what the poor invalid in a semi-vegetative state is thinking, and what he is thinking, she says, is l-u-u-v-v! [Slate]

Thanks to Joe Littrell
     Posted By: Chuck - Mon Apr 17, 2017

I have this picture in mind of little sperm cells wearing little hats labelled "Delivery" and yelling "Special Delivery" as they swim along.
Posted by KDP on 04/18/17 at 07:25 AM
Posted by Phideaux on 04/18/17 at 04:56 PM
Thanks, Phideaux. The coffee came out my nose.
Posted by KDP on 04/19/17 at 07:51 AM
Sounds like a good pick-up line - "Did you know my sperm can cure cancer?"
Posted by RobK on 04/19/17 at 10:33 AM
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