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7 Clicks
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April 21, 2017

The Russell 2000 small-stock index does very well (since mid-2014 up, oh, around 18%), but not as well as one of the 2,000--the mysterious Chinese loan company called Wins Financial Holdings, which bafflingly gained 4,555 percent at one point before falling back. [Business Week (4-3-2017)] (paywall!)

Nor can anyone figure out why Juicero should exist: a $700 machine (with wi-fi) that squeezes the juice out of pre-cut fruit and veggies. (Do it by hand, you say? Juicero's CEO calls that "hacking.") [BBC News]

This very day, a jury is still deliberating super-Sovereign tax-avoider Winston Shrout. His "foolproof" defense for issuing homemade "International Bills of Exchange" supposedly "worth" $1tn [yep, with a T] came with the fine print: "Void where prohibited by law." [The Oregonian]

A court in Ivrea, Italy, convinced itself (wussily, but OK) of a link between cell phone overuse and a brain tumor. [Associated Press]

Sussex University researchers' magnetic scanning of brains of people on psilocybin, ketamine, or LSD found way-different brain functioning. Way, way-different. [Daily Mail]

City University of NY biologists remind us that the "hangdog" look is evolutionary, adopted by dogs from wolves that needed to give off subservience vibes. [NY Post]

The Elves and Fairies Woodland Nursery in Dorset got preschool accreditation with its all-day-outdoor curriculum of kids working with their hands--and knives, saws, kitchen utensils, etc. (Learn arithmetic? Hey, count the carrot slices in that soup you're making.) [Metro News]
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