A Hairball, Beetle Larvae, Brian Williams’s Ties

and the Afternoon Edition of Chuck's News of the Weird Daily for Friday

At a zoo in China, they've supposedly watched gay penguins trick straight penguins out of their eggs (leaving stones in their place). [Ed.: That's what it says here. I only know what I read in the papers.] Daily Telegraph (London)

An Ohio woman gets her writerness on, daily, by waxing baroque about, um, Brian Williams's neckties. Associated Press via Washington Post

Manabu Mizuta, 35, was arrested in Osaka prefecture, charged with releasing hundreds of beetle larvae on a commuter train "to see women get scared and shake their legs." Agence France-Presse

Recurring Themes galore: (1) Another janitor accidentally trashed an underappreciated art project (Bonus: Woman climbed into the Dumpster to look for it); (2) Another incompetent multi-tasker (texting-driving) (Bonus: He won't be doing it again.) (3) Another cat lover with too many (Bonus: "This is the first [case] I've been to where the people were actually sleeping with dead carcasses"); (4) Another girl with a hairball in her stomach. Atlanta Journal-Constitution /// KQRE-TV (Albuquerque) /// Springfield (Ohio) News Sun /// The Times of India

Professor Music's Weird Link o' the Day
UnusualLife.com is a nice place to pass the day browsing some unusual things (architecture, scenery, etc.) . . . and then there's this . . little . . exhibit of mighty pixellation power put to questionable use: Marika Takahashi's Fitness Video.

Today's Newsrangers: P.L. Bartnicki, Paul Music, Gil Nelson, Eli Christman, Jenny Beatty, Stan Rummel, Emory Kimbrough, Ginger Katz, Stephen Taylor, Bruce Townley, Sam Gaines
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