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First up, scientists at the University of Leeds in Great Britain have determined that if you want to meet the right man, the optimum amount of flesh to flash is 40%. Less than that and you might appear too dowdy to catch his eye, any more and you’re more likely to attract a stalker than a soul mate. Psychologist Colin Hendrie had his four female assistants perform demanding “undercover” surveillance in Leeds’ nightclubs, recording how women were dressed and how often they were approached on concealed dictaphones. But it wasn’t just the women who were being judged. Hendie’s results also showed that the most successful approaches came from men who were neither too thin nor too fat and at least a head taller than their target. It also revealed that 30% of clubbers left as couples, though only 20% arrived so (Daily Mail).

Sadly, this research came too late for Geisy Arruda of Sao Paolo in Brazil, who caused a near riot at the city’s Bandeirante University by turning up for lectures in a mini-dress. Despite Brazil’s normally “relaxed” attitude to skimpy clothing, campus dress is often more conservative and Ms Arruda’s short, pink sheath dress attracted more than a few comments and cat-calls. She eventually had to be escorted from lectures, and the campus, by security and was later expelled for breaching the University’s ethical and moral standards and for offending its “academic dignity”. Her ban was promptly reversed however when she became a bit of a cause celebre, and Brazil’s Education Ministry became involved (CNEWS).

And yet more conflict ensued between academia and allure this past month when a number of female students from the prestigious Cambridge University in England posed for “cheesecake” shots for an in-house online magazine. Predictably, some called immediately for the images to be removed as they were demeaning to women saying that as a University, Cambridge should “do better”, an attitude site co-founder Taymoor Atighetchi dismissed as “intellectual snobbery" (Telegraph).

However support of a sort for the (very) fresh-women came from an unexpected quarter this week when Jill Berry, president of the UK “Girls’ Schools Association”, said that wanting to be fashionable did not make girls shallow. Speaking at the GSA annual conference, Mrs Berry said caring about your physical appearance wasn’t a betrayal of feminist ideals, and insisted that girls can have fun while also being taken seriously (Guardian).

But ladies, if you’re still unsure what to wear, then remember that other way to a man’s heart. That’s certainly an option for Jules Clancy, a food scientist from Sydney in Australia, who bagged a table for two at the world’s highest rated restaurant, the “El Bulli” in Spain, only to break up with her partner before the big night. In a moment of inspiration, Ms. Clancy decided to advertise online for a new dinner partner, and has been inundated with offers, though whether it is her charms or the food’s that is the draw is unclear (Orange).

(Picture: "Stupefyin’ JonesMoonbeam McSwine" from Al Capp's Li'l Abner.)
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Jules Clancy: The winner has been announced, but I still think my entry of "If you put out, I'll pay for your meal too" was better (TheStoneSoup).

Jill Berry: Her views have immediately been attacked as tantemount to supporting the teaching of pole dancing in schools (Times).
Posted by Dumbfounded on 11/19/09 at 08:09 AM
DF, I think the young lady in the illustration is "Moonbeam McSwine". But thanks all the same for the remembrance.

And 40% of this would be http://i.cdn.turner.com/trutv/thesmokinggun.com/graphics/art4/0624091inside1.jpg just too, too much. (She was our Frito-Lay girl of the week a while back.)

Here are some more we would wish 40% less of!
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 11/19/09 at 09:38 AM
Expat, darn so it is.
Posted by Dumbfounded on 11/19/09 at 10:18 AM
Next time, DF, let the shmooes do it for you. They'll love you for it. http://deniskitchen.com/main/green.shmoo.jpg
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 11/19/09 at 12:05 PM
More on Geisy Arruda. :roll:
Posted by Dumbfounded on 11/19/09 at 12:07 PM
40%- guys like women dressed provacatively but not slutty and women like guys a little taller that them. who'da thunk it! 😕

short dress- i don't necessarily agree with dressing skimpy but no one should be harrassed and frightened for wearing a mini skirt. the school kicked her out, but does not intend to do anything about the mob of students that harrassed her? wow, i wouldn't go back there if i was her.

cambridge- beauty is fleeting, taking advantage of it while you have it is smart. i don't mean prostitution, but modeling is okay. the only women who think pretty girls are demeaning women that way are the one who aren't good looking.

dinner- is that scalping?

great posts sweetie!! 😊
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 11/19/09 at 04:50 PM
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