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People Whose Sex Lives Are Worse Than Yours
Update: The Columbus Dispatch provides a brief retrospective on the urophilic career of Alan Patton, 56, whom we reported on most recently in NOTW Daily (7-1-2008), for his arrest after laying down plastic wrap in the toilet bowl and placing cups at the bottom of urinals, so he could catch little boys' tinkles for his drinking pleasure. Collecting urine to drink is not illegal in Ohio, but ya can't fool with the public plumbing, and besides he's under a stayaway order for public restrooms. Why, Alan? Well, "to become a part of [the kids'] youth, happiness, and strength." "I love them; it is a shame I have to obtain love from them that way." Columbus Dispatch // NOTW 945 (3-19-2006)
     Posted By: Chuck - Mon Jul 21, 2008
     Category: Sexuality | Sex Lives Worse Than Yours

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