All Over Rain Cover

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Air holes? Who need to breath so long as you're dry?

Original ad here.
     Posted By: Paul - Mon Oct 14, 2013
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Breath mints would've been a nice touch, too.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 10/14/13 at 08:29 AM
Sort of like C.O.N.T.R.O.L. "Cone Of Silence."

"Max, that thing never works."
Posted by KDP on 10/14/13 at 08:46 AM
I had one of them. got it at a yard sale for fifty cents. Tried it twice.
The second time I had a friend with me and we named it the portable Dutch oven. It was destroyed during my rapid exit. :lol:
Posted by Tyrusguy on 10/14/13 at 10:46 AM
I agree that it looks like it needs some ventilation of some sort!

I always liked the clear plastic umbrellas that are the fairly deep dome - protection and you can see out of one! Though these look like a bad version of the plastic ponchos [which can also be a bit hot and sweaty in the summer]
Posted by aruvqan on 10/14/13 at 11:32 AM
From beginning ... sorry I was 55 seconds in when I copied the previous link:
Posted by BrokeDad in Midwest US on 10/14/13 at 02:16 PM
I bought one of these in the 60s (or maybe the late 50s) from Sunny's Surplus in York, PA. It was billed as a surplus anti-gas cape. I suspect a case of gas with no ventilation would be a very bad thing.
Posted by Oz in Mililani on 10/14/13 at 09:11 PM
Oz is right, these things were military-surplus individual covers for protection against "sprayed vesicants" (i.e. poison gas).

Here's someone selling one in its original package:

And here's a blog I wrote about it and a great pin-up calendar image showing it's intended use (plus or minus uniform):
Posted by Lyle Zapato on 10/15/13 at 07:02 PM
Brilliant sleuthing, Lyle! Thanks!
Posted by Paul on 10/16/13 at 09:16 AM
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