Amii Stewart’s “Knock On Wood”

Holy cats! What did I just watch?

Her Wikipedia page.

     Posted By: Paul - Fri May 11, 2018
     Category: Music | Sex Symbols | Psychedelic | 1970s

That was a trip backwards along the time tunnel! I tempted fate and clicked on the link to the Donna Summer Hot Stuff. I danced around the room to both Knock on Wood and Hot Stuff. It is official. I am old. Still trying to catch my breath while searching for the pain relief medication. I assume my wife will stop laughing sometime today.
agent j
Posted by agent j on 05/11/18 at 10:32 AM
A tab of blue cheer would come in handy before watching that.
Posted by Virtual on 05/11/18 at 02:08 PM
I too took a trip down memory lane with that as well. I remember when it was a massive hit, and you couldn’t turn on a radio without hearing it. Never saw the video until now.

According to Wikipedia, even though “Knock On Wood” made her a one-hit wonder in the US, Amii Stewart has had a fruitful career in Europe, and still performs regularly.
Posted by Brian on 05/11/18 at 11:56 PM
Really? Never heard of her.
Posted by Richard Bos on 05/13/18 at 04:32 PM
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