In 1969, astrologer Carroll Righter released an "Astromusical Houses" series of records. It consisted of twelve records, each one devoted to a different sign of the Zodiac. Righter explained, "These albums enable purchasers to select the music of their stars—music that will enhance their state of well-being to alleviate any problems of everyday living that may beset them."

I was able to find five of the albums on YouTube. But not Gemini (my sign).

Bloomington Pantagraph - Nov 16, 1969

The others: Pisces, Libra, Sagittarius, Cancer

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I'm assuming that all the records had no original music on them. In other words, elevator music in twelve volumes. Or, KTEL specials.
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Here's so you don't feel left out, Gemini:

Sydney Omar's record

Discover Yourself Through Astrology - Introduction / Gemini - Roger Christian (1968):

Zodiac Cosmic Sounds Gemini the Cool Eye:

There were so many of these Astro records there was even a comedy version. Here's Gemini:

And Gemini has the most songs for them:

Del Shannon

The Animals:

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