auctioning evidence

Least Competent Police: Hey, why don't we raise money by auctioning off some evidence?
Denver police mistakenly send to auction a car that's still crucial in a murder case . . with bloody items still in the car . . and somehow didn't see their mistake even though the car has bullet holes in it. (Bonus: The auction winner outbid the actual guy who got shot in the car and who later offered the auction winner his key to the car for $40.) (Relax. The police got it back, although that "chain of custody" thing is sorta shot.) Denver Post
     Posted By: Chuck - Fri Nov 21, 2008

"They're speed holes."
Posted by kingmonkey in Athens, Ontario on 11/21/08 at 09:10 AM
Can somebody put me on email blast, when they auction off little bundles of organically grown herbs out of the evidence locker.
Posted by avmayes614 in the wt"F"-State on 11/21/08 at 10:18 AM
Many years back my uncle purchased a car at a police auction in Toronto. He took it home with the intention of fixing it and using it as a second family vehicle. He pulled out the back seat and tossed it aside. It was my aunt who pointed out there was 'something' taped underneath the seat. When he took a closer look, it was a tightly packed bag of happy herb. He called the police and started laying into them about selling him a car with stuff he did not want. A police officer arrived the NEXT day, not the SAME day, and took the bag away. I was very young at the time. However, I sometimes miss that bag, um, car! I miss the car, not the bag!
agent j
Posted by agent j in Toronto, Canada on 11/21/08 at 10:39 AM
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