Ball Buster

"The name of the game is ball buster. It's a family game, fun for children... and for adults it's exciting. You make strategic offensive and defensive moves. Then try to bust your opponent's balls."

Maybe the name of the game was a little too edgy for its own good. The game debuted in 1975, and as far as I can tell was discontinued after a year.

But the TV ad for the game is a classic, especially the final scene where the husband tells his wife, "You're a ball buster."

New York Daily News - Oct 25, 1975

image source: Mego Museum

     Posted By: Alex - Thu May 10, 2018
     Category: Games | 1970s

Small, hard acrylic balls on springs. What's not dangerous about those in the hands of young children against their obnoxious siblings?

I once broke an old 78 r.p.m. shellac record over my brother's head, just like Moe would do to Curly. It opened up a three stitch cut, which was something I never saw happen to Curly.
Posted by KDP on 05/10/18 at 10:50 PM
@KDP: Those Three Stooges moves were rough. Many a kid hurt their eyes doing the Moe eye-poke. And a friend of mine got a nasty cut when a playmate took a saw to his head. Shame they’re not on TV anymore...
Posted by Brian on 05/10/18 at 11:15 PM
We had lots of board games in the 70s, but I never came across this one. The best thing about the commercial was how aware they were of the double entendre.
Posted by Brian on 05/10/18 at 11:17 PM
"More action than any board game," since board games never include rushing your loved one to the E.R. for removal of plastic shards from her eye.
Posted by Virtual on 05/11/18 at 09:26 AM
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