Beat your wife tonight… at bowling

I think it was 1973 when a Detroit bowling alley first got the idea to use the tagline "Beat your wife tonight" in an ad. Protests quickly followed. Strangely, this didn't discourage other bowling alleys from then using the same tagline. The last use of it I can find was in 1980.

Lansing State Journal - July 5, 1973

Southern Illinoisan - May 16, 1980

Fort Lauderdale News - July 15, 1973

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Before wearing seat belts became mandatory in 1977 in Saskatchewan, there was an ad campaign which had the headline "Belt Your Children".
Posted by BMN on 08/04/18 at 10:09 AM
Do they have bowling alleys in Saudi Arabia?
Posted by Virtual on 08/04/18 at 11:23 AM
"Tell me, Mr. Smith, when did you stop beating your wife?"
Posted by KDP on 08/04/18 at 12:27 PM
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