Bed of Nails

Back in 1975, eleven-year-old Mark Harman of England made headlines by becoming a practitioner of the art of lying on a bed of nails. He was reported to have been taught by an "expert" and practiced by lying on the bed for half an hour each day.

I guess it's definitely not a typical hobby for a boy his age. I can't find any follow-up stories about him, so don't know if he continued the hobby later in life.

Corsicana Daily Sun - Feb 13, 1975

     Posted By: Alex - Tue May 08, 2018
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And today’s parents complain about kids wasting time on their phones!
Posted by Brian on 05/08/18 at 03:48 PM
Mark's probably the inspiration for this:

"I'll drive you like a hammer on a bed of nails!"
Posted by KDP on 05/08/18 at 05:46 PM
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