Bleachable Moments

The makers of Clorox Bleach are urging everyone on the internet to share their "bleachable moment." Because who hasn't shared a special moment with their bottle of bleach? Like the time you tried to hide those blood stains, perhaps, or had to clean up after an ebola outbreak.

     Posted By: Alex - Wed Jul 31, 2013
     Category: Hygiene | Advertising

I was going to mention the time my late, first wife accidentally bleached my favorite sweat-shirt and ruined it but I decided it may be too scary for little children.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 07/31/13 at 11:34 AM
Not exactly my bleachable moment but does using chlorine bleach instead of hydrogen peroxide to "bleach" ones hair count? My little sister must have been seven or eight and tried it. She lasted about two minutes before she came screaming out of the bathroom. Mom was frantic but sister suffered no harm to her hair, at least. Can't say the same for her little bottom. :lol:
Posted by KDP on 07/31/13 at 12:20 PM
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