Blind Soccer

The game, referenced in the news clipping below, was evidently an early example of blind soccer.

The Evening Sun - Dec 17, 1973

The game has now developed into an established Paralympic sport. From wikipedia:

  • All players, except for the goalkeeper, are blindfolded.
  • The ball has been modified to make a jingling or rattling sound.
  • Players are required to say "voy", "go", or something similar when going for the ball; this alerts the other players about their position.
  • A guide, positioned outside the field of play, provides instructions to the players.

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There are several other sports that have been adapted for blind players, including baseball, basketball, and even golf. Then there are people like Ben Underwood, who lost his eyes to cancer when he was a toddler and went on to develop amazing echolocation skills. There are many videos of him on the Internet, but my favorite is one in which he's casually shooting hoops in his driveway. Unfortunately, his cancer came back and killed him.
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