Body Swaps, Shark Fecology

and the Morning Edition of Chuck's News of the Weird Daily for Wednesday

Set me up with Jessica Alba's husband
Swedish researchers, speaking at the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting, said they know how to induce "body-swap illusion," where they can get you to touch someone else's body, only it would feel like someone else is touching you. So, does that mean that if I could get Alba Man to be my headset mate for the researchers, and if he then started, y'know, conjugaling up, then would I feel what he's feeling? Why, I think it might mean that! Science News
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Researchers ecstatic about shark fecology
The latest BBC Natural World TV report, on the whale shark, interviews a guy who calls the excretions "scientific gold" and is "so excited" about it because they finally get to see what whale sharks eat. Perhaps the sharks are just modest, but they usually repair to the deep floor to do their duty, and thus science hasn't been able to grab samples to analyze. "It has been really exciting," said Dr. Meekan, of the Australian Institute of Marine Science. BBC News
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And then there's Canadian science
The new Minister of Science and Technology in Canada is the Hon. Gary Goodyear, who was a Member of Parliament and whose science and technology expertise is in chiropractic (with a fellowship in clinical acupuncture). Wikipedia via SomeCanadianSkeptic blog
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Your Daily Loser
Not Cut Out for a Life of Crime: The last brush with the law by Jesse Masa, 37, was when he smashed an SUV into a store window so he could grab a TV set, and during his getaway accidentally drove it into a backyard swimming pool. This time, all he did was try to extort $250 from a guy under threat that he'd damage the guy's car if he didn't get the money (thus setting himself up for an easy police sting). Nashua (N.H.) Telegraph
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People Whose Sex Lives Are Worse Than Yours
The barely-repentant Lucas Knudson, 32, drew a fine for his behavior on an April airline flight in Australia in which he unzipped and assumed an upright position for four minutes under the tray table, very much disturbing a female seatmate. He testified at first that he was merely "adjusting" his "tight" jeans. However, it was reported that after the woman got up and moved, Knudson lay down across the seats for a nap with his stuff still out, and he acknowledged that that he had touched himself, briefly, to make himself more comfortable. Northern Territory News (Darwin) [with hard-to-explain photo]
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Your Daily Jury Duty
[no fair examining the evidence; verdict must be based on mugshot only]
Careful, now, this is a heinous crime, so don't convict 'em unless they're really heinous-looking: Stephanie Bell and Janice Mowdy. WAPT-TV (Jackson, Miss.)
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More Things to Worry About on Wednesday

Steven Butcher, 50, a homeless transient, was sentenced to four years in prison for being the one responsible for a pair of California fires, and under terms of the law, he'll also be on the hook for the damage the fires did, er, $101 million, and it would really help the state's current budget crunch if Butcher could take care of that right away. Associated Press via San Francisco Chronicle

People Different From Us: Boy, 16, came home Monday afternoon with a fast-food order, but his father yelled at him for getting the order wrong, so the boy shot his dad in the head, and when the police arrived, shot himself. (Bonus: The family is "very reclusive," said a neighbor.) Houston Chronicle

Johnny Lindner, 48, allegedly robbed Young's market in Bishopville, S.C., but his getaway car broke down, and he hailed a taxi to take him to "Lydia" (S.C.), but the driver didn't know how to get there and so stopped to ask directions at one of the few places open at that time of night, Young's market, where the investigating cop and the robbed clerk were just standing there when the taxi pulled up. Busted. WIS-TV (Columbia) via

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