Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy

For no perceptible reason, I woke up this morning thinking about Bonomo's Turkish Taffy, a childhood treat I have not pondered in decades. After waxing nostalgic (despite Nostalgic's objections to being waxed), I began to wonder:

If this candy were still being manufactured today, would its allusively Muslim name doom it?

     Posted By: Paul - Tue Aug 19, 2008
     Category: Food | Pop Culture | Advertising | 1950s | 1960s

Big Gary--well, yes, I was rather simplistically alluding to the "Turkish" part of the name, not any heritage of the owners. Although, as I am well aware, Turkey is a pluralistic, secular state--at least in principle--the only time it generates headlines is when some native Islamic excess is perceived by the media.

After all, we're talking about a country, the USA, that wanted to rename French Fries Freedom Fries.
Posted by Paul on 08/19/08 at 02:55 PM
Is it just me, or is that logo rather a phallic looking 'b'?

Nothing smacks like, cracks like, tastes like Bonomo? Is it addictively good-- because they've just compared it to heroin and crack cocaine.
Posted by kingmonkey in Athens, Ontario on 08/19/08 at 04:10 PM
Kingmonkey--crack is wack, but candy is dandy!
Posted by Paul on 08/20/08 at 11:10 AM
John--good point!
Posted by Paul on 08/20/08 at 11:10 AM
KDP--that's a question I can't answer. More research--or anecdotal memories--needed!
Posted by Paul on 08/20/08 at 11:11 AM
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