Borrowed Gun

January 1958: "If I had a gun, I'd kill myself," unemployed Robert Ponton told police officer Walter Ryan. So Ryan handed him his gun, and Ponton shot himself. Ryan, who was later charged with abetting a suicide, said he was "dumbfounded and petrified" by what Ponton had done.

Southeast Missourian - Jan 28, 1957

     Posted By: Alex - Thu Jun 16, 2016
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It doesn't sound like a "special patrolman for the railroad" qualifies as a proper police officer. Not in this case, anyway.
Posted by Virtual on 06/16/16 at 10:37 AM
What was the outcome of the "Abetting A Suicide" charge? Was it lodged because a firearm was involved? The charge seems absurd.

Not to make light of suicide and murder, but I'm reminded of a scene from "All In The Family" where Archie and Gloria are arguing over "gun control":

Gloria Bunker-Stivic: Daddy, did you know that sixty percent of the people murdered in this country in the last ten years were killed by guns?
Archie Bunker: Would it make you feel any better, little girl, if they was pushed out of windows?
Posted by KDP on 06/16/16 at 12:25 PM
LOL KDP, some funny shit came out of that show!
I'd like to know how the charges against the 'special' patrolman came out. (You know what special is right?)
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 06/17/16 at 11:04 PM
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