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We see by this scan of your brain that you're guilty of murder
Just recently, three people on trial for murder in Maharashtra state in India were convicted with the help of what has been called "brain fingerprinting" or "brain wave science," where electrical activity is measurable in a certain part of your brain only if you have actually experienced what you're being stimulated for (e.g., just reading about it or hearing it doesn't light your scan up). "Brain Electrical Oscillation Signature" requires wearing a cap with 32 electrodes, and obviously, other evidence of the crime is needed in order to fashion precise questions that differentiate what one might experience at the scene from what one merely learned about later. Defendants here, for example, demonstrated experience in buying arsenic, in actually sparring with the potential victim, and in traveling the route that the killer traveled. (News of the Weird reported previously on America's leading exponent of this technology, Lawrence Farwell [NOTW 669, 12-1-2000; NOTW 802, 6-22-2003], which has been put to some uses, but solidifying a murder conviction.seems pretty radical. Times of India // Wikipedia (disputed) // Farwell's website
     Posted By: Chuck - Wed Jul 23, 2008
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