Burglary Party

Our Glorious Founder Chuck Shepherd frequently featured reports of housebreakers who a) did housework; b) drank themselves into a stupor; c) cooked a meal; d) had a bath or shower; etc. Here's a variation on the theme.

Source: Wichita Falls Times (Wichita Falls, Texas) 30 Jun 1953, Tue Page 1

     Posted By: Paul - Tue May 31, 2022
     Category: Dinners, Banquets, Parties, Tributes, Roasts and Other Celebrations | Food | Stupid Criminals | 1950s

How's Chuck doing, by the way?
Posted by Richard Bos on 06/04/22 at 08:23 AM
Richard--thanks for asking about Chuck! We sure do miss him! Alex and I exchange the occasional email with him, and he seems happy in his retirement!
Posted by Paul on 06/04/22 at 11:09 AM
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