Burnin’ Vernon, the Easter Bunny hater

April 19, 1981: Fundamentalist minister Vernon Cayten burned a 5-foot stuffed Easter bunny on the front lawn of his church, declaring it was a pagan idol. He also denounced all those who celebrated Easter with Easter Bunnies as "heathens and dummies who worshiped pagan gods."

Musician Scott Ryan has since written a song about "Burnin' Vernon." Video below. Lyrics here.

Des Moines Register - Apr 21, 1981

     Posted By: Alex - Sun Apr 01, 2018
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Along with the guy who yells at kids waiting in line to see Santa, it’s people like this who are driving people away from Christianity. They’re doing more harm to their cause than an army of atheists ever could.
Posted by Brian on 04/01/18 at 08:16 AM
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