Or, how to ruin an engine, courtesy of the OSS.

The "Caccolube" was a simple but effective device to disable an enemy vehicle. It was a condom filled with abrasive powders and crushed walnuts, and was dropped into an engine crankcase. "After the engine heats up," the OSS manual explained, "the hot oil will deteriorate the rubber sac and free the compound into the lubricating system.
"When circulated through this system, the compound fuses and welds the moving metal parts of the machinery. Slipped into a truck, the Caccolube takes effect after the truck has been driven from 30 to 50 miles. It reacts so thoroughly on pistons, cylinder walls and bearing journals that the vehicle is not only thrown out of service but the engine is destroyed beyond repair."
This lethal "lube job" replaced the original effort using sugar, when it was discovered that sugar actually promoted better engine performance in the vehicles of that era.
Source: Jack Anderson, "Rare arsenal used by spies," Santa Cruz Sentinel, Mar 9, 1987.
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Very effective, but notice that it works best with large displacement engines and vehicles with easily accessible oil fill plugs (the motorcycle). I think that you would have a harder time with modern small vehicles which have their fill ports on top of the motor in the valve cover.

Any household abrasive cleanser like Bon Ami or Comet would be effective.

Have fun with it!
Posted by KDP on 09/13/20 at 10:27 PM
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