Women of Canada Bras

Bra-maker Simons recently apologized for its line of bras named after prominent Canadian women. For example, they had the Beverley bralette, named after former Chief Justice of Canada Beverley McLachlin. The Flora, named after Flora Macdonald, Canada's first female minister of Foreign Affairs. And the Stella push-up bra, named after social activist Stella Lord, who fought against poverty in Nova Scotia.

Some of the women are still living and hadn't been contacted for their consent. Plus, the link between lingerie and chief justices, social activists, etc. seemed unclear to just about everyone. Noted Marketing professor Ken Wong: "This is marketing at its worst... Somebody there probably said, 'We need to connect our product to this empowerment movement.' But what they failed to consider is will people find it offensive and insulting."

More details: msn.com

     Posted By: Alex - Sun Apr 07, 2019
     Category: Advertising | Underwear

As a Canadian I want to say sorry if anyone is offended by this story, eh.

agent j
Posted by agent j on 04/07/19 at 03:42 PM
Too many people with knickers too easily twisted. See it for what it was- a bad attempt at marketing, and move on.
Posted by James on 04/07/19 at 09:45 PM
If only, at some point between conception and actually printing the ads, someone had said "Let's have the women model the bras named after them!" it would have quickly killed the whole idea.
Posted by Phideaux on 04/08/19 at 03:19 AM
In the name of equality, this needs to be extended to men as well. Imagine underwear named for Brian Mulroney, Justin Trudeau, or Justin Bieber.
Posted by crc on 04/08/19 at 07:48 AM
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