Champagne Vending Machine

In its latest annual gift catalog, Neiman Marcus is offering a champagne vending machine. It goes for a mere $35,000 — champagne not included.

Or, better idea, buy this vending machine on eBay for $1700, and put some champagne (or another beverage of your choice) in it.

     Posted By: Alex - Sun Oct 20, 2019
     Category: Overpriced Merchandise | Alcohol

On my first visit to Europe in 1989, I found that the vending machines in our hotel contained cans of beer and were accessible to anyone with a 2 euro coin. Talk about culture shock!

Two observations about the machine:
1) The bottles wouldn't be dropped to the bottom out of the rack. There is a hand and conveyor track that will lower it gently into the exit chute
2) Moet & Chandon champagne is O.K. but kind of middle of the road. The French equivalent of Gallo.
Posted by KDP on 10/20/19 at 06:32 PM
KDP -- I had the exact same culture-shock discovery when I spent the summer of 1986 in Germany, in an attempt to learn German. I was 18 at the time. The dorm I was staying in had a beer vending machine. I learned very little German that summer.
Posted by Alex on 10/20/19 at 07:21 PM
Um . . . guys, don't ever go to Japan. Soup, burgers, shots of sake, umbrellas, new/used panties, ties, toys, fresh flowers, prayer cards, fruit of all kinds (apples are most popular, but oranges, bananas, etc. are common) . . . the list is endless. Basically, if you can buy it at a stall or small shop, someone's built a vending machine for it. In the arrivals lounge at an airport, you might even find one which sells cards on how to use vending machines (mainly, it's a reference card for translating instructions).
Posted by Phideaux on 10/20/19 at 11:28 PM
How much did you drink in 1989 KDP? Euro coins didn’t even rollout until 2002.
Posted by crc on 10/21/19 at 04:51 AM
"....She keeps Moet & Chandon in her pretty cabinet..."
I don't know how gently the bottles will be lowered. The one at Costco that does sodas is pretty rough.
Posted by mjbird on 10/21/19 at 07:08 AM
OMG! crc, I've been spending too many vacation days in Europe. The French still had the franc at that time. However, the beer on stock is still the same brand.
Posted by KDP on 10/21/19 at 10:35 AM
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