Charley Says

In this dangerous world, God help all kids who don't have a child-sized cat friend with feline Tourette's Syndrome.

So popular, they have been collected on DVD.

Not to be confused with this other "Charlie says!"

     Posted By: Paul - Wed Feb 27, 2013
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"cat friend with feline Tourette's Syndrome"
Wait. There are actually cats WITHOUT feline Tourette's??? I thought that was hard wired into all of them. All the cats I've ever known could be calmly sitting/meditating/plotting and the next jump up and rip off your face if you weren't fast enough.
Posted by DM in a room with soft walls on 02/27/13 at 12:35 PM
I agree with DM. Even Patty's cat Toby will occasionally go running around nucking futs. Especially if she uses the laser pointer I gave her or he's given a soda straw. He also loves biting her toes.
Posted by BrokeDad in Midwest US on 02/27/13 at 12:56 PM
After listening to Charley the Cat, I believe I understand the origins of BBC English. Lower East London, I should think.
Patty's Cat Toby sounds like a pretty standard case of Bipolar Order (in cats it is normal, so it can't be called a 'disorder').
My Siamese cat Boo and her Himalayan consort Duh vary from meditative to loquatious, at which time they strictly use the Imperative Voice.
My Coon cats (Hans and Fritz) are not bipolar. They only speak (or move, for that matter) at mealtimes.
Armitage (our tabby) hallucinates - daily - without the need for catnip. She can frequently be seen leaping for invisible targets or dodging invisible attacks. She's also quite clumsy, but almost never speaks.
Posted by tadchem on 02/27/13 at 01:23 PM
I have 2 half-ragdoll cats, while they are quite calm most of the time, they are talkative. And, for whatever reason, they like tearing across the house at about 4 in the morning. If I'm up, I usually can shush them, but they do seem to pick inconvenient times for their races.
Posted by Alassirana on 02/27/13 at 01:28 PM
It's nice to find out where some artists get their samples from. The Prodigy released a song, called "Charly" in the early-90's which pulls from these PSA's. Cool find. Thanks Paul!
Posted by Foxx (in a box) on 02/27/13 at 07:29 PM
New to me, Foxx! Good find!
Posted by Paul on 02/27/13 at 08:30 PM
The prodigy song which sampled the show:
Posted by Kobe on 02/27/13 at 10:34 PM
I grew up with these PSAs.
Posted by dumbledoor on 02/28/13 at 04:33 AM
Charley says the kid needs to find out what his mum was DOING with the milkman for such a long time! 😕
Posted by farmerpop on 02/28/13 at 02:55 PM
Toby is a sweet kitty but he does bounce off the walls sometimes. My hubby always say Toby must have been into the 'shrooms again when kitty runs around crazy. Toby loves straws and plays with them all the time. That and the small giraffe stuffed animal he stole from me. :lol:
He did bite my toe once and that is where I got the infection I had from, but he did not mean to hurt me and we just shoo him away if he tries to play with my feet now. And that, my friends, is the story of Toby the cat!
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 02/28/13 at 08:41 PM
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