Chief Long Hair

The modern-day Vietnamese man named Tran Van Hay reputedly had hair "over 22 feet long."

Other modern record-holders are in the 18-ft range.

But they can't hold a patch to Chief Long Hair of the Crows.

ItchuuwaaĆ³oshbishish/Red Plume (Feather) At The Temple (born ca. 1750, died in 1836) A Mountain Crow leader during fur trade days and signer of the 1825 Friendship Treaty. Traders and trappers called him Long Hair because of his extraordinarily long hair, approximately 25 feet long. At his death, his hair was cut off and maintained by Tribal leaders.

Now because Long Hair lived before photography, there is no visual record of this. However! Supposedly his tresses are part of the exhibit at Chief Plenty Coups State Park in Montana. (Plenty Coups was a descendant of Long Hair.)

Source of quote.

If any WU-vie is passing by the museum, perhaps he or she can confirm!

Here's a photo of another Crow tribe-member named "Curley."

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In the late 1990s I lived on the Fort Peck Reservation in Montana. At that time in that location there were a few Native Americans, both men and women, who grew and wore their hair waist length or slightly longer, but I never saw anything approaching this!
Posted by Patrick98 on 07/31/20 at 08:41 AM
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