Chuck’s Hand-Picked Overnight Weird News for Friday

Update: San Francisco's sanctuary-for-illegals caca hits the fan
Bad enough that minors who are drug-runners get shielded by the city from deportation [NOTW Daily, 7-2-2008]. It came out yesterday, at a court hearing, that back on June 22, a San Fran illegal gunned down three people in a road-rage incident. The shooter apparently had been arrested at least three times, and convicted of at least two felonies, but had avoided deportation because San Fran doesn't approve of federal immigration laws. (Bonus: Besides, the shooter is reportedly a member of the absolutely vicious MS-13 Salvadorean gang.) Associated Press via ABC News
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Update: Formula One head Max Mosley won his "Nazi orgy" trial
The big news, though, was how sweepingly he won. The judge could have ruled for him on the narrower issue of the improper characterization of his dominatrix session as "Nazi"-related, but he went much further: The press has no right, said the judge, to investigate private-type behavior unless a "significant crime" is involved (and this one wasn't). That standard is of course way-different from America's. Daily Telegraph (London)
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To some Israeli Ulta-Orthodox, MP3 players are fine, but MP4s are tools of terrorism
MP4 players (that play video) are widely available in Jerusalem, but for some reason the Ultra group Sicarii decided to hassle this one store, screaming "Terrorists! Terrorists!" out front (referring to the employees). Similarly, to Sicarii: Cell phones OK; text-messaging, evil. Ha'aretz [LINK CORRECTED]
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Your Daily Loser
A pathetically unathletic woman in her 20s in London swiped the purse of a 78-yr-old woman and took off running, but granny chased her down and got it back. (Well, actually, she's the granny of an Olympic sprinter, but still, she's 78.) Daily Telegraph (London)
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More Things to Worry About on Friday
Self-employed Welsh housepainter Gordon Williams was ticketed for smoking in his van, which is not illegal, except that it is in his case because there's no smoking in the "workplace" . . . . . A 79-yr-old man, sitting in his car observing the steeple being mounted on the new church in Oklahoma City, was killed when the crane lifting it fell over on top of him . . . . . Patients at the Orthopaedic Hospital in a suburb of Milwaukee are a little nervous, since a half-dozen vultures have begun perching on the window ledges . . . . . There's Your Problem Right There: At a minor-league baseball brawl in Dayton, Ohio, a fan was hospitalized after a pitcher for the visitors, throwing at the Dayton dugout, missed and beaned him [I mean, forget the "strike zone"; that pitcher was missing the whole dugout that night] . . . . . Researchers at the Univ. of Cardiff (Wales) made a big-deal presentation on how city streets need to be designed with drunks in mind because they're in danger if they have to stagger around dark, narrow streets and alleys (Seriously).
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Editor's Notes:
It appears that I, er, got the facts, um, backward on Wednesday (July 23). The truck driver committing the sat-nav error from Turkey to Gibraltar actually intended to go to Gibraltar, like Rock of Gibraltar, yet wound up in some rural area called Gibraltar-something-or-other in the UK. Not the reverse. Bad Chuck! Today's Newsrangers: Tom Barker, Sam Gaines, Bob Pert, Jerry Whittle, Matt Mirapaul, Bill McCarthy

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     Posted By: Chuck - Fri Jul 25, 2008

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