Chuck’s Hand-Picked Overnight Weird News for Thursday

Woman demands that her "assistance ferret" be accorded the same respect as guide dogs
Gyno the ferret has the power to snap Frances Woodard out of her panic attacks and therefore must be allowed to accompany her on public buses. The Canadian transit company said no. (Last week, Debby Rose filed a lawsuit against the local health department in Springfield, Mo., because it was giving legal cover to an array of establishments preventing entry to Rose's "assistance monkey.") Canadian Broadcasting Corp. News // Springfield (Mo.) News-Leader
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The dog that was trained for sex with a woman (and other recent Updates of News of the Weird stories)
Lucky and Buddy were spared and sent to a shelter and not euthanized as rapists, which is what Diane Whalen and Donald Seigfried had trained them to do for their video business [NOTW Daily, 6-30-2008] . . . . . Not only were 6 Members of Parliament in India released from jail so they could vote on important legislation (reported here yesterday), but it turns out that nearly 25 percent of the 540 MPs who aren't now in jail are nonetheless awaiting trial for something or other . . . . . Jon Van Allen, poster child for "honesty is not the best policy," was sentenced to 4 yrs in prison for child-molesting after he confessed to the crime, out of the blue, because, he said, the state-trooper application he was filling out required honest answers [NOTW M006, 5-20-2007] . . . . . The Greek court deciding who had the greater right to the word "lesbian" (gay women or residents of the isle of Lesbos) ruled for the women [the current NOTW, M067, 7-20-2008] . . . . . That 1999 tight-jeans ruling by Italy's Court of Cassation was overturned; hence, it will no longer be considered impossible for a man to pull jeans off without the victim's "help."
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Your Daily Jury Duty
[no fair examining the evidence; verdict must be based on mugshot only]
James McElroy might have gone nuts with a knife on Mom, Dad, and Sis. Tampa Tribune
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More Things to Worry About on Thursday
High-up British police officials have proposed that dog-handling cops show a little restraint when cornering perps because some perps might, y'know, be allergic to dog hair, etc. . . . . . Parents in Milford, Mass., are damn tired of that serial pantyhose litterer who uses a school bus stop as a drop-off point (and the only clue they have is that the hose seem to be always be black and "queen-size") . . . . . Alcohol-masker or teeth-whitener? A DUI suspect sitting at a cop's desk grabbed a bottle of correction fluid and sucked some down just before his breath test (still, .28) . . . . . A New Zealand judge turned a 9-yr-old kid over to child welfare officials when he found out the parents had named her Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii . . . . . Once a month at the People's Improv Theater in NYC, there is the Naked Comedy Showcase, where the stand-ups (and half the audience, if they want) are nude (seriously). Today's Newsranger: Bob Pert
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     Posted By: Chuck - Thu Jul 24, 2008

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