Clear Coffee

Clear Coffee (aka "CLR CFF") describes itself as "the first colorless coffee in the world." From the product website:

This refreshing beverage is made from high quality Arabica coffee beans and pure water. It is produced by methods which have never been used before.

That's intriguingly vague. So is it just caffeinated water? Or is it caffeinated water with coffee flavoring?

The reasoning behind it seems to be that it's coffee that won't stain your teeth. If you like your coffee cold and black, this might work as a substitute. But if you drink it hot, with cream and sugar, this isn't going to do the trick.

via Fooddiggity
     Posted By: Alex - Fri Apr 28, 2017
     Category: Food | Coffee and other Legal Stimulants

I agree Alex, that is pretty vague. However coffee generally gets its color due to suspended solids in the solute. There are ways to filter such fine suspensions which would leave the chemical portion untouched. Perhaps this is what is taking place here. So, your second take on it being coffee flavored caffeinated water is not too far off the mark.

And I hate cold coffee.
Posted by KDP on 04/28/17 at 07:42 AM
So sad that the '90s clear beverage craze is making a comeback...
Posted by Brian on 04/29/17 at 12:24 AM
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