Competitive Bridal Bouquet Catching

Apparently there's a Guinness World Record for catching bridal bouquets, and Jamie Jackson of Utah has submitted documentation to back up her claim that she's the new world record holder. She's caught 46 bouquets since 1996. The previous record was 11. She says that this is "her sport," and that to catch a bouquet requires strategy and planning. []

     Posted By: Alex - Tue Feb 17, 2015
     Category: Weddings and Marriage | World Records

This could replace synchronized swimming at the summer olympics!
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 02/17/15 at 10:31 AM
At least it would be a "sport" that can be measured; not judged. Of course, in this event, perfomance enhancing substances (vodka, gin & etc.) would be manditory and not banned.
Posted by BMN on 02/17/15 at 01:36 PM
For some reason, I read "eating" instead of "catching" the first time; I think the picture threw me off.
Posted by Kim on 02/20/15 at 03:05 PM
Well, they say some flowers are edible. Don't care much for the roses unless they're GMO type.
Posted by Gary Foster on 02/23/15 at 10:23 AM
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