Conscience Adherent Paradise Government

For a very brief time, in the early 1990s, 717 E Magnolia St. in Arcadia, Florida was home to the "Conscience Adherent Paradise Government" — a separatist state that had declared its independence from the United States. Details from the Tampa Tribune (Apr 4, 1992):

[Soloman and Mona Frommell] — who are manic-depressive, according to their lawyer — had created their own government, the “Conscience Adherent Paradise Government.” They established their own rules, which they followed while living at Parker Apartments on East Magnolia Street. Soloman Frommell claimed to be an ambassador and United States separatist president. He called himself the “fair judge,” while his wife was the “honest judge.”

DeSoto sheriff’s Capt. Will Wise and Deputy Gary Holsomback went to their apartment in May to serve the couple with an eviction notice that was prompted by unusual behavior.

When deputies arrived, Soloman Frommell grabbed a pair of nunchukas, his wife had a butcher knife, and they fled to the front of the apartment, according to reports.

717 E Magnolia in Arcadia, FL, via Google Maps

Tampa Tribune - Apr 4, 1992

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Ah, yes. The well-known solution to these sorts of things in the extreme southeast part of the USA: a trip to Chattahoochee ! When my room got especially messy while I was growing up, my parents would tell me I was being sent to Chattahoochee if I didn't straighten it up.

No, I haven't been there.
Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 01/10/20 at 11:51 AM
I’d like to know more about the rules of their nation. Anyone who protects their soil with nunchucks is A-OK in my book.
Posted by Burghertahn on 01/10/20 at 10:58 PM
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