Country Farming: Innovations of the Modern Tractor (1955-1959)

Nothing will probably ever beat TIMBER BRIDGE INSPECTION (reprinted below for newbies) as the gold standard for boredom, but twenty minutes of UK tractor talk comes close.

     Posted By: Paul - Mon Aug 12, 2019
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That is 18 minutes and some seconds I will not be getting back!

agent j
Posted by agent j on 08/12/19 at 10:58 AM
That depends on your interests. While I agree that the bridge inspection video is excruciatingly mind numbing, the tractor at work on the farm shows makes the point that the internal combustion engine has increased the efficiency of a farmer many times over what he could achieve just fifty years earlier, when animals were the chief motive power. Without the tractor and all those wonderful attachments, you'd be paying twenty bucks for a pound of vegetables. Try feeding a family at those prices!
Posted by KDP on 08/12/19 at 07:45 PM
However, without the modern farming techniques of using petrol-based fertilizers and gas-powered tractors, we would still be able to drink the tap water in those farming areas and bees wouldn't be dying. Without bees, you'd be paying more than twenty bucks for a pound of veggies and fruits. Without having to go back to horses and bulls, we could find a greener alternative to the gas-powered tractor. Now that would be real progress!
Posted by Yudith on 08/14/19 at 06:27 AM

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