Crucified by his wife

The strange case of Daniel Waswa, a member of the Dini ya msambwa sect, who imagined that God had ordered him to die on the cross “for the sins of all Kenyans.” So he had his wife nail him to a cross, which she did. She then promptly dropped dead (of shock?). As for him:

Waswa hung on his cross for several days, rejecting appeals from Christian friends to be taken down. Villagers gathered around to offer their prayers. He was eventually taken down from the cross, dying from the nail wounds, which had become infected. He refused all medical help and died on a Sunday, exactly two weeks after his crucifixion.

I'd never heard of the Dini ya msambwa sect before, but some googling reveals that the name is better translated as "Religion of the Ancestral Customs" (not Creed of the Cross). It was founded by Elijah Masinde. The stories about Waswa make it sound like a radical Christian cult, but Wikipedia defines it as "an African traditional religion that has been labeled an anti-colonial religion."

The Ottawa Citizen - Oct 29, 1965

San Bernardino County Sun - Jan 7, 1966

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