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More Things to Worry About on Monday

Even in a recession, there's one town so rich that they tip all the municipal employees about $1,000 at Christmastime. Associated Press via Yahoo

Sneezing, doctors found, can be triggered by sunlight, eyebrow-plucking, or, er, thinking about sex. The Independent (London)

Karmic revenge writ large: A fire that killed 100 cats was caused by mice chewing through electrical wiring. Toronto Star

Throwback: Kyle Davies makes $427k (probable Kansas City Royals' number-three starting pitcher) actually has a 9-to-5 off-season job. (Bonus: He works construction, is "the most dependable worker you can find.") Kansas City Star

A middle school in Norwalk, Conn., caught three kids selling mixed drinks (seriously) on a school bus. Norwalk Advocate

What's the world coming to? "Kentucky Asks Feds For Help As More Horses Diagnosed With STD" WLWT-TV (Cincinnati)

Two of the hot toys this season are the Gotta Go Doll ($39.99), with the, er, interactive toilet, and Baby Alive ($59.99), which comes with its own food and toilet and "may stain some surfaces" if Baby's got the runs. Washington Post

Today's Newsrangers: Stephen Taylor, Mindy Cohen, Gil Nelson, Sandy Pearlman, Caroline Lawler, Jessica McRorie, Tom Carney, Ian Pert, Ginger Katz, Peter Hine, Sara Scharf
     Posted By: Chuck - Mon Dec 22, 2008

Karmic revenge:
The Brain's first step in Trying To Take Over The World has succeeded!
Posted by AGFH on 12/22/08 at 02:50 PM
Do they make condoms in horse-size? What would be the purpose?
Posted by kingmonkey in Athens, Ontario on 12/22/08 at 05:31 PM
Thinking about sex making someone sneeze is no surprise. The nostrils are lined with erectile tissue; that's how you feel a sneeze coming on. If thinking about sex can cause a penis or nipples to become erect, a tingle in the nose makes perfect sense; and in people with a strong sneeze reflex, PRESTO!
Posted by stpatme on 12/22/08 at 10:40 PM
Have you been studying Freud's theories on nasal reflex, stpatme?
Posted by kingmonkey in Athens, Ontario on 12/23/08 at 11:13 AM
Siggy is my constant companion! 😜
Posted by stpatme on 12/23/08 at 11:21 AM
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