Divorce, The Magazine for People Starting Over

Back in 1987, twice-divorced Manhattan lawyer Daniel Hirsch got the idea that divorcees were a potentially untapped audience for a magazine. As he described it:

"Divorce magazine was born in the waiting room of a doctor's office. My wife and I were waiting to see a marriage counselor. ... As it became clear that the marriage was doomed, what I wanted most was information. ... Later, reflecting on the experience, it occurred to me that there must be millions of people in this country who need good solid information about how to survive divorce and its after-effects. Thus, the idea for Divorce magazine."

Hirsch managed to get investors to back his idea, but it never made it to a first issue. Apparently it had trouble attracting advertisers. This Washington Post article explains the skepticism about the idea:

media experts say Divorce was simply a flawed idea for a magazine. "Most life style magazines have a purchase cycle they can identify," explains Joshua Ostroff, an associate media director at Hill, Holliday Connors Cosmopulos. "But hopefully divorce is a one-shot deal. No one wants to stay in the category. They weren't going to make a lot of money off long-term subscriptions."

But it seems like it can't have been that bad of an idea because some googling reveals that there is in fact a Divorce magazine that's been in existence since 1996, and still seems to be going strong.

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