Doomsday for Pests

Spray that DDT everywhere!

Aren't you a little sad for all those cartoon bugs?
     Posted By: Paul - Sat Jul 12, 2014
     Category: Disasters | Insects and Spiders | Nature | 1940s

I actually still have some old DDT in cans that was meant for a pump sprayer. I think it is still used in Africa and Asia as a last resort to combat malaria.
DDE was another variant.
Posted by BrokeDad in Midwest US on 07/12/14 at 09:43 AM
I need some agent orange for my crab grass.be99gan
Posted by BMN on 07/12/14 at 09:44 AM
Let's face it, all the bad-mouth and hype about DDT was drummed up by some left-wing, tree-hugging, socialists that despise anything that makes life for the majority of the world better!

How's that Richard?
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 07/12/14 at 11:48 AM
I loved the part at the end where the guy is dispensing the powder outdoors. The drift is going right back into his face.
Posted by Rod D on 07/12/14 at 01:07 PM
Dude is probably long gone from lung cancer since then. Still the DDT was the best to control insect problems.
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 07/12/14 at 04:32 PM
Considering that the audience is supposed to be bugs, the bouncy music is kind of inappropriate.

Do people actually have insect infestations in pianos?
Posted by ges on 07/13/14 at 12:51 AM
Expat: predictable is how it is...
Posted by Richard Bos on 07/15/14 at 09:54 AM
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