dying dignity

A bad week for dying with dignity
A Polish tourist was killed in London when he took a leak on an unknowingly electrified transit rail . . . . . A 50-yr-old Pennsylvania burglar stuck his head inside a hole in the window but then fell off what he was standing on and snapped his neck (and hung, dead, for two days) . . . . . A 37-yr-old man was rescued from San Diego Harbor by police, then turned on them, and was shot to death . . . . . A 180-lb. burglar trying to squeeze through a two-square foot ventilation shaft in Hollywood, Fla., suffocated . . . . . A 23-yr-old man fell to his death from a tree he had climbed in Sonoma County, Calif., to retrieve his Frisbee.
     Posted By: Chuck - Wed Jul 23, 2008
     Category: Death

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