Exploding Fish

When South Korean artist Lee Bul's work Majestic Splendor, which features sequin-covered rotting fish in plastic baggies, was displayed in 1997 at New York's MoMA, the smell made visitors feel so sick that the artwork eventually had to be removed.

So when the piece was going to be shown recently at London's Hayward Gallery, Lee put the fish in a blend of chemicals to suppress the smell. The result: this time around the fish spontaneously combusted and once again had to be removed.

More info: The Art Newspaper, Frieze.com

     Posted By: Alex - Sat Jun 02, 2018
     Category: Art

Posted by KDP on 06/03/18 at 11:18 AM
Is this a conspiracy to keep people **away** from art??
Posted by Brian on 06/04/18 at 10:17 PM
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