Forgotten and Unseen Electronics Part 2

On May 21st 2008 Wii Fit came out. Ever since then there's been a lot of sites saying this is Nintendo's first exercising game. It's not. Back in 1986 a game in Japan came out called Family Trainer and in 1988 it was released in North America as Family Fun Fitness. It didn't use a small mat like Wii Fit did, instead it used a mat that looks like an early version of Dance Dance Revolution called the NES Power Pad.


Due to lack of interest from players and developers most of the games never made it out of Japan.
     Posted By: phantomspy1 - Fri May 29, 2009
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I own one of these. It's in a box with my NES, Zapper and Power Glove. I had 2 games that used it. Both were nearly impossible to win without cheating (I'd sit on the floor and punch the pads with my hands to make the characters run faster)
Posted by Matt in Florida on 05/29/09 at 11:04 AM
I did not take the original comment by RevJSH down, and I suspect neither Alex nor Chuck did either.

I cannot think of any prior instance of a deleted post on WU, save in the early days when Alex would remove spammers. Then he got bored and tired of the spam and quit doing even that!

I certainly don't believe in deleting comments, as they are half the fun of WU. Unless of course they contain legally actionable slurs.
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dude they don't have to let us use this site at all. don't f it up for the rest of us by being a jerk. also have you made any 'acceptably' weird posts, you know of the high quality you expect here? if so great, if not then come on and show us hacks how it should be done. rant over, over and out.
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we're enjoying ourselves if you don't think a post is sufficently 'awsome' don't read it.
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I didn't take down any comments RevJSH so stop complaining. The only reason I put this up is because I think it's weird that websites and other places somehow seemed to forget about this. I don't think any "Follies of the Mad Men" are weird but I don't complain about them.
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Rev, I point you to the mission statement, as it were, of WU - Weird Universe explores every aspect of a human and natural cosmos that is not only "stranger than we imagine, but stranger than we can imagine."

This leaves open an enormous field of weird for everyone who comes here. What's weird to you, may not be weird to me, and vice versa, but so long as it remains within the bounds of "stranger than we can imagine", it's fair game.
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