Germs pick out the weak ones

The theme of this 1920's ad campaign was that if your kid didn't eat Ralston Purina breakfast cereal, then he/she was going to die.

A child's life is a fight! Danger Days are always ahead. Danger Days — the days when little lives hang in the balance — may come next year, next month, or perhaps — tomorrow. Your children must meet these Danger Days. Are they ready? Will they win?

Fitchburg Sentinel - Jan 3, 1928

Pittsburgh Press - Nov 1, 1927

     Posted By: Alex - Thu Nov 19, 2020
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Ah, the eugenics movement, so popular one hundred years ago, invades even the advertising industry.
Posted by Patrick on 11/19/20 at 08:29 AM
What I find interesting is that the ad copy is the same in both, only the header illustrations and the title are different. And the "life or death" tone of the overall advertisement will be revisited in those I remember from my childhood in the 1960's, in products like plain white bread:

"Wonder Bread - It helps build strong bodies 12 ways!"

Or tennis shoes:

"P.F. Flyers - Make you run faster and jump higher!"

Madison Avenue has a long and sordid past.
Posted by KDP on 11/19/20 at 09:05 AM
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